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Fundamentals of Health Care Quality Management, 4th edition


Measuring and improving health care performance is more important than ever before. The 4th edition of this well-known learning resource by Patrice L. Spath covers the core principles and practices of quality management. All chapters have been updated with new material covering e-measures, data analytics, use of reliability science principles for process improvement, and much more. Click Here to view the Table of Contents.
Students and novice quality management professionals will find Fundamentals of Health Care Quality Management easy to understand with lots of real-life examples showing how the principles are applied in all types of health care settings.

ISBN: 978-1-929955-46-6 164 pages; softcover

Health Care Quality Management Student Workbook, 4th edition


The student workbook, by Patrice L. Spath, contains 50 structured projects that complement the learning in Fundamentals of Health Care Quality Management. The projects are self-contained so they can be used for training in any quality management education program. Some projects are accompanied by answer sheets or data files that can be downloaded from the Brown-Spath & Associates' website. Click Here to view the Table of Contents. The projects are designed to provide students with experiences similar to what healthcare quality and patient safety professionals do every day. ISBN: 978-1-929955-47-3 67 pages; softcover Published: 2013

Health Care Quality Management Lecture Series, 2nd Edition

Developed by Patrice L. Spath, this lecture series includes materials for six 2-3 hour lectures on these topics: overview of healthcare quality management; measuring performance; assessing performance; improving performance; patient safety; and outcomes management. Each "ready-made" lecture has powerpoint slides and narrative instructor notes, including suggestions for group discussions and exercises. Each lecture can be customized to meet the needs of the audience. Click Here to view an excerpt from the Measuring Performance Lecture. You'll receive a CD containing the complete lecture package. Published: 2009

Training Toolkit: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Developed by Patrice L. Spath, this training toolkit contains all the resources you need to educate physicians, staff, project teams, and students in the use of failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). The toolkit includes a customizable powerpoint, reproducible handouts, extensive instructor notes and detailed trainer guide, several group exercises and sample completed FMEA projects. Click Here to view excerpts from the training guide and lecture. You'll received a CD containing the complete training toolkit.
Published: 2006

101 Tools for Improving Health Care Performance

This book is full of tools and techniques you can immediately put to use in facilitating improvement projects in your organization. Written by experienced quality professionals, Duke Rohe & Patrice L. Spath, this book is full of field-tested interventions to help you accelerate improvement initiatives, manage project teams, and achieve positive performance changes. You'll find just the right tools for tackling quality and patient safety problems. Click Here to view Table of Contents.
ISBN: 1-929955-18-9 218 pages; softcover Published: 2005

From Quality to Excellence: Using Comparative Data to Improve Health Care Performance

quality_cover $40.00
In this book you'll learn how to incorporate comparative measurement data into your organization's quality and patient safety improvement strategies. Written by Patrice L. Spath & Aggie Stewart. How to choose credible data sources and how to dig deeper into causes of performance variation are just some of the topics covered. Click Here to view the Table of Contents.
ISBN: 1-929955-14-6 123 pages; softcover Published: 2002

The Basics of Patient Safety

This book is the perfect tool for teaching health care professionals the fundamentals of patient safety improvement. A powerpoint presentation based on the book is available for free on the Brown-Spath & Associates' website. This small, but comprehensive resource, will be used long after educational sessions have ended. Click Here to view the Table of Contents. Quantity pricing available - call for details.
IBSN: 1-929955-12-X 40 pages; softcover Published: 2001

Patient Safety Improvement Guidebook

Written by Patrice L. Spath, this book provides step-by-step instructions for designing and implementing a proactive patient safety improvement program in your organization. Topics include: measuring elements of patient safety, identifying error-producing factors, and making process changes to reduce the likelihood of mistakes. Click Here to view the Table of Contents.
ISBN: 1-929955-07-03 100 pages; softcover Published: 2000

How to Measure and Improve Case Management Performance

This comprehensive resource, by Patrice L. Spath, contains detailed information on how to design and implement and measurement and improvement strategy in case management services. The techniques are applicable in any health care provider organization or health plan. Click Here to view Table of Contents.
ISBN: 1-929955-06-5 138 pages; softcover Published: 2000

Investigating Sentinel Events: How to Find and Resolve Root Causes

In this book by noted patient safety expert, Patrice L. Spath, you'll learn how to conduct a thorough root cause analysis of a sentinel or adverse event and how to error-proof high risk health care processes. Click Here to view the Table of Contents.
ISBN: 1-929955-05-7 143 pages; softcover Published: 1997