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Fundamentals in Healthcare Quality Management, 5th ed.


The 5th edition of this popular educational resource by Patrice L. Spath covers contemporary principles and practices of quality management. All chapters have been updated with new real-life examples and references, web resources, student learning opportunities, and other current topics. Click Here to view the Table of Contents.
The book is intended for healthcare management students and novice quality professionals seeking to learn more about application of quality management principles in all types of healthcare setting and in health plans.

ISBN: 978-1-929955-48-0 164 pages; softcover Published 2019

Healthcare Quality Management Student Workbook, 5th ed.


The Healthcare Quality Management Student Workbook, by Patrice L. Spath, contains 52 learning projects that give students an opportunity to apply the tools and techniques necessary to effectively support healthcare quality management activities. The projects portray situations faced by quality and patient safety professionals each day in a variety of healthcare settings. Each project is self-contained and includes a description and instructions. When necessary to complete the project, diagrams, figures, case scenarios and other support materials are provided. Some projects are accompanied by answer sheets or data files that can be downloaded free from the Brown-Spath & Associates' website. Click Here to view the Table of Contents.

ISBN: 978-1-929955-49-7 63 pages; softcover Published 2019